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Peterborough United Quiz Answers

1) Two local lads played for Peterborough United and also played for Queens Park Rangers. They grew up on the same Peterborough street, approximately 100 yards apart. Who were they? (2 points)

Answer: Des Farrow and Jack Rose.

2) Which Peterborough street did the players in question 1 live on? (1 point)

Answer: Belsize Avenue.

3) Who was the first Posh player to be sent off in the Midland league, not the Football league? (1 point)

Answer: Billy Rigby.

4) Why was he sent off and what was his reported reaction? (2 points)

Answer: Dissent/Swearing and he reportedly cried.

5) Who was the first Posh player to be sent off in the Football league? (1 point)

Answer: Jim Iley

6) Who played only one game for Posh, the first Midland League game? (1 point)

Answer: Mark Purcell

7) Which pub did chairman Frank Stimson keep? (1 point)

Answer: The Peacock

8) Who was the centre half who left Posh to join Millwall and was part of Millwall's promotion winning team? (1 point)

Answer: Ted Chiverton​

9) Who was Posh's first BAME player (1 point)

Answer: Tessie Balogun

10) Who was the first goalkeeper to complete 100 football league appearances for Posh? (1 point)

Answer: Willie Duff

11) Who scored five goals in a match but had them disallowed by the F.A.? (1 point)

Answer: Tony Philiskirk

12) Which local area did Posh defender Cyril Parrott originate from? (1 point)

Answer: Fletton

13) In what local village did Posh train in order to prepare playing at Yeovil's sloping ground in the F.A. Cup? (1 point)

Answer: Nassington

14) What Australian played at left back for Posh? (1 point)

Answer: Callum Elder

15) These managers had what in common? Gurney, Cantwell, Swindin & Fairbrother. (1 point)

Answer: They were all FA Cup Final Winners

16) In the 1974/1975 season Posh came up against which Club in the League, the League Cup and the FA Cup? (1 point)

Answer: Charlton Athletic

17) Who was the first player to be inducted into the Posh Hall of Fame? (1 point)

Answer: Tommy Robson

18) Who played for both Peterborough & Fletton United and Peterborough United? (1 point)

Answer: Harry (Bowie) Willis

19) The first F.A. Cup tie Peterborough United played as a League Club was against which non-league side? (1 point)

Answer: Dover Athletic

20) How many goals have Peterborough United scored in football league play-off finals? (1 point)

Answer: Six

21) How many goals did Terry Bly score for Posh in their first season in the Football League in 1960/61? (1 point)

Answer: 52 (54 including FA Cup)

22) Prior to playing Arsenal in the F.A. Cup in 1965, Posh had a week away for special training, at which holiday resort? (1 point)

Answer: Blackpool

23) Which local area did Posh defender Trevor Slack originate from? (1 point)

Answer: Farcet

24) When in the football league, Rushden Diamonds signed Posh's Centre Half, who was it? (1 point)

Answer: Andy Edwards

25) Which ex-Chelsea, Birmingham City, Brighton & Hove Albion, and Peterborough United player went on to run two pubs in Market Deeping? (1 point)

Answer: Bert Murray

26) Whose goal sent the Posh to Wembley for the first time in the club’s history for the famous Stockport County 1992 Play Off Final? (1 point)

Answer: Steve Cooper

There are a total of 28 points to get across all the questions.

Congratulations to Graham Kisby who got 27 points out of a possible 28 and won this quiz!

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