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I write my account of football, from my point of view, with the intention of recalling times, acquaintances and friendships made through my obsession with the game. As a Wannabe, who graduated to be a Never Wasser but gained a lifetime of memories of football and people - most likely your dad, grandad or great grandad are among them. Who cares? Most of the details are connected to the Peterborough area, covering pre-war local football, grounds, schools, the Posh and personalities, continuing through war-time and into the 1960’s. If this interests you, then read on friend. If not don’t waste your time.

The directory of players in the concluding pages shows the player’s name, their major club, or the club where I first encountered them; the years may differ slightly due to changes of club, etc. There may be the occasional error and I apologise for any that may offend, and also for any omissions.

Eric Heath 


Memories of football in Peterborough from 1930 - 1939

Memories of football personalities in the local area

Football memories through the war years 1939 - 1945

Local teams Peterborough & District League 1930 - 1960 

Memories of playing local football after the war

Local players from the Peterborough area

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