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Eric Heath passed away 29 June 2021 immediately after the England-Germany Euro 2020 match where England beat Germany 2-0 to reach the quarter-finals. He was 95 and knew he was in the last few days of his life. He wanted to see us beat the Germans and took his last breath minutes after the game ended. He died peacefully at home having lived a long and fulfilling life. We will keep his website going as a legacy to our much loved dad.

Garry, Stuart and Karen.

A collection of memories from Eric Heath who at eight years old attended the very first Peterborough United game in 1934. Growing up in Belsize Avenue, Woodston, Eric recalls local personalities, football memories and what it was like growing up south of the river in Peterborough, UK. This website has proved popular with people interested in Peterborough history, especially those whose relatives were local footballers. It also includes Eric's involvement in later years contributing to news articles and a Sky Sports interview sharing his memories of Peterborough United. Now in his nineties he can still recall the names of everyone in the first Peterborough United team and attends home matches when weather and his health permits.

Peterborough United 1950
Sky Sports Interview 2016

Sky Sports Interview 2016

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Coalheavers Arms, Woodston.
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